Cannabis and Kansas: What Does The Future Hold?
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The only constant in life changes, and that adage is especially true for the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding the cannabis industry. As a local cannabis farm in Kansas, keeping up with the latest regulations is not only essential to our industry, but it’s equally important that we openly share this relevant information with our clients too. We all want to make the right health choices, and that can only happen if we provide our clients with accurate information and reliable products that are both safe and legal. With that in mind, what are some of the latest happenings related to cannabis in our home state, and what can we expect for the future of the evolving hemp industry? 

The Kansas Department of Agriculture Supports Our Mission

Fortunately, all of our current CBG production processes remain 100% legal and within state compliance. In order to maintain this status, all hemp products must derive from industrial-grade hemp. In addition to this quality standard, each year we are required to submit an application for continued licensure with the Kansas Department of Agriculture demonstrating that the specific type of hemp plants we cultivate are legally recognized. 

Since our cannabis in Kansas is a selective strain of CBG dominant hemp, we naturally comply with the zero-tolerance THC policy. While this regulation has been a serious limitation to other cultivators that produce full-spectrum products (products that contain CBD & THC), our hemp farm’s products are entirely non-psychoactive.  

In addition to our strain-specific harvesting practices, all of our crops undergo third-party laboratory testing to verify the chemical composition and purity levels of our final products. While our products may lack the buzz you’ll find with THC, our potent processes enable us to produce hemp products with CBG concentrations as high as 15%. 

The Future of CBG in Kansas Looks Bright

Thanks to the state-wide push to legalize all forms of cannabis, awareness, and acceptance of cannabinoids continue to gain traction and recognition among consumers and the scientific community alike. Despite the limitations faced by Kansas’ hemp producers to date, the demand for quality hemp products continues to rise, and it’s safe to say that this trend shows no signs of reversing.

In addition to the increasing acceptance of cannabinoids in every facet of society, many hemp consumers are actively pursuing other hemp alternatives to achieve their personal health goals. Some of the clients that have made the switch to CBG were only able to achieve their desired benefits with our products, and are successfully able to avoid the clouded mental state or ineffective results associated with a traditional flower or non-nanomicellated products. 
As awareness continues to expand, we are optimistic that an increasing number of consumers will discover and experience the profound potential that our nanomicellated CBG provides. Quite simply, our products absorb faster, prevent premature cannabinoid breakdown within the digestive system, and provide more potent CBG purity with every reliable and consistent dose.

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