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Best CBG Products for Cats & Dogs 

Add a dose of extracted goodness to your pet’s healthful routine with our fresh-from-the-farm CBG for pets. Locally grown and produced in our state-of-the-art facility in Kansas, our family prioritizes safe farming practices, nutrient-dense hemp cultivation, and double-checks every batch of our CBG for pets through third-party lab testing. With every verified vial we ship, you can count on our family company to provide cannabis products for pets that include accurate dosage, clear product descriptions, and quality extractions that are designed to be safe, effective, and promote long-term wellness across a broad spectrum of potential CBG benefits. 

While developing our pure and locally grown CBG for pets, our precision extraction process results in a clear and smooth-tasting CBG that will never leave a residue in your pet’s mouth. Our proprietary extraction process removes all of the plant matter, oily and milky qualities, and is virtually tasteless for a welcomed addition to every picky pet’s diet. Easily add our cannabis for dogs to the morning bowl of kibble, drip a few drops of our cannabis for cats on their favorite treats, or provide your pets with a few drops directly into their mouth for rapid absorption and long-lasting CBG effects. 

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Cannabis Products for Pets Produced Locally in Kansas

When you come to Kaw Valley Cannabis for CBG products for pets, we hope to earn your trust with our honest product transparency and friendly service. We openly detail every step of our careful process and are more than happy to help you compare the differences between our CBG and other cannabinoid products out there.  

We care about the furry friends that we serve and do our best to provide a level of consistency and purity that you can feel confident in. Since we’re solely focused on cultivating CBG hemp, our cannabis products are always non-psychoactive (your pet won’t get high), non-habit forming, and you can easily tailor a dosage to your pet’s specific needs. If this is your first time trying CBG for pets, it’s always a good idea to start with a lower dose and work your way up until you’ve achieved the desired effects. 

Recommendations When Buying CBG Products For Pets: 

  • Review credible testimonials & reviews 
  • Consider price, but also consider quality
  • Buy liquid products as it provides easier control & consumption, preferably water-based
  • Conduct research on the manufacturer & the product to know what you are buying 

Always Fresh Cannabis for Cats, Dogs, & You! 

After you treat your beloved pets to some quality cannabis for cats or CBG for dogs, don’t forget to help yourself with the best that we have to offer! Our CBG products feature our ultra-pure extraction that’s faster absorbing and longer-lasting; thanks to our nano-encapsulated CBG that’s only 35 nanometers in size, you can expect our powerful product to enter your pet’s bloodstream quickly and bypass the blood-brain barrier for reliable CBG relief whenever your pet needs a lift. 

If you’d like to learn more about CBG and its amazing potential, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team. We want what’s best for our communities and our customers and hope to become your trusted source whenever you need a farm-fresh refill. If you have any questions about our process, products, or need help finding the best CBG for your pet, we’re glad to help! 

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  1. Dana R.

    I can honestly say that CBG from KV Cannabis has renewed my dog! Lilly is a 14 year old Boston Terrier. She was losing her lust, having neurological & cognitive issues. I started giving her the CBG every morning and was really surprised and her response! She was more alert and literally running around the yard within 48 hours! She will continue to get it everyday, so she can live her best life as a senior pup!

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