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  • December 13, 2021
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  • by Chris Black
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While many hemp companies boast potent products and guarantee a superior level of quality, without a verified third-party laboratory test backing the claims, these companies have no ground to stand on. When searching for a CBG product that performs as intended, ensuring that your products have been professionally verified is essential. A tincture that has been untested can include unwanted filler, unsafe chemicals, or may just be a waste of money if the product lacks the potency or bioavailability you were promised. 

We stand behind our quality cannabis products at Kaw Valley and promise to perform comprehensive third-party laboratory testing on every batch of potent CBG we produce. With our certified testing backing every product, you can count on our verified processes to provide a high level of CBG consistency the way nature intended. So how do we ensure that our quality CBG meets our highest-quality standards? 

Third-Party Labs Promote Product Safety

Since a third-party lab is not affiliated with our company, they are focused on chemical facts and objective data. These companies are not interested in protecting our brand or product; these laboratories simply provide detailed product analysis from a neutral standpoint. 

If a company uses its lab, the results will likely be biased or skewed in favor of that company’s interest. We value transparency and integrity, and with an independent third-party lab backing our products’ authenticity, we hope to build a foundation of trust with every customer we serve. 

The CBG Testing Process

During a thorough product evaluation, the third-party lab will test for contaminants, chemical makeup, and provide a detailed overview of each ingredient in its entirety. Some of the tests involved in a comprehensive CBG analysis include: 

  • Cannabinoid Profile:
    • Our product is tested for the percentages of each cannabinoid present.
  • Microbial Contaminants:
    • Confirms that our product is free of any harmful microbial contaminants
  • Pesticides: Tests that our products are free of harmful pesticides.

We Care About Safety & Authenticity

By only working with advanced third-party laboratories that provide detailed product diagnoses, every item in our CBG store boasts the same guarantee of safety and purity. Since we manage every aspect of the growing, harvest, and extraction at our facility in Kansas, we never have to worry that the test results will be anything other than pure. 

We’re passionate about treating our hemp with respect, and know that after trying our clean CBG products, you’ll understand why CBG is quickly becoming the go-to cannabinoid. If you have any questions about our pure processes or want to try our amazing CBG, we’re glad to help. 

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