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Are you looking for a low-risk method to increase your revenue streams while diversifying your inventory? With the popularity of cannabis-derived products like CBG flower on the rise, there has never been a better time to enter into a wholesale partnership with Kaw Valley. 

Many customers today are more interested than ever in products that are made from minor cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBGA. Some experts are even predicting that this particular market will gross over $26 million globally in the next five years. By partnering with us at Kaw Valley today, you can guarantee yourself a spot in this fast-growing market.

cbg flower wholesale

When it comes to cannabigerol, otherwise known as CBG, the interest from recreational and medicinal cannabis users has been on the rise for a while. The cannabinoid boosts the lipid that is known as the “bliss molecule,” anandamide. As one of the best places to purchase CBG and CBG products in bulk, at Kaw Valley, we pride ourselves on our high-quality stock at completely reasonable wholesale prices which can’t be beat!

We offer fantastic customer service and quick shipping to all of our wholesale customers, so you can always be sure that you will get your products in pristine shape and on time. We are also sure to have every CBG product tested thoroughly by a third-party laboratory so you can be sure that each passes industry standards of quality and safety. 

At Kaw Valley, we offer a wide selection of products so our distributors will have something on hand for even the most discriminating customers. 

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CBG flower products are growing in popularity. You can rest assured that all of our CBG flower products are of high quality and are in demand. We also pride ourselves on giving our wholesale customers a pleasant purchasing experience. With competent salespeople and the greatest warehouse staff available, you can always count on us to ship your products to you immediately. You will never have to wait indefinitely. And, if you do have a misplaced order, let us know and we will fix the problem right away.  

Get your business ready and stocked with premium wholesale CBG products from Kaw Valley. Teaming up with us as one of our distributors can be the best decision you ever made. Contact us today to find out more!