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  • January 25, 2022
  • Cannabis
  • by Chris Black
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While cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are well-known and extensively studied, compounds like CBG were largely misunderstood due to their relative scarcity of the compound. Without CBG-rich cultivation practices, the majority of CBG is decarboxylated (breaks down) into other cannabinoids, resulting in hemp flowers that contain very low concentrations of CBG. 

Fortunately, modern cultivation techniques are now able to produce hemp yields with CBG concentrations as high as 15%. As a result, CBG has gained the recognition of both consumers and scientists alike as new CBG discoveries continue to expand upon the potent potential that CBG has to offer. 

1. CBG Oil is Emerging in the Hemp Scene

So what is CBG, and why is it becoming the focus of further scientific research? Known as the “Mother Cannabinoid”, CBG-A is the precursor molecule responsible for the formation of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBG. Despite the similarities to other cannabinoids, CBG’s unique molecular structure interacts with the cannabinoid receptors differently, resulting in a variety of potential alternative health benefits. For hemp enthusiasts that have had little or no success with other cannabinoids, many are finding that CBG oil is the hemp variety they’ve been searching for all along.

2. CBG Oil & Ease of Consumption

When comparing CBG oil with other methods of CBG consumption, CBG oil consistently stands out as the more reliable method of consumption. With a quality CBG oil that is easier to measure, you naturally avoid inconsistencies associated with smoked flowers or vaped waxes. If you’ve been searching for a better way to fine-tune your holistic health plan, our cannabis store offers an ultra-pure CBG oil that comes with a convenient dropper for accurate dosing. 

3. Nanomicelle CBG Oil Provides Faster Absorption

When CBG oil is prepared using a nano preparation process, the CBG molecules are so small (35 nanometers in size) that they enter the bloodstream faster, and bond with cannabinoid receptors before the potency is lost. With traditional CBG oils, only ~20% of the cannabinoids make it to the receptors; with nanomicellated CBG oil, the majority of the molecules bind with the receptors before the body begins to break down the cannabinoids. 

4. Pure CBG Oil is Tasteless & Residue-Free

If you’re not keen on the earthy flavor of other tinctures, or you dislike the harsh smoke of hemp flower, our CBG oil is the answer. Our ultra-refined CBG oil is free of impurities and artificial additives; simply add a few drops directly under your tongue or into your favorite drinks and snacks for a tasteless, residue-free, and completely clean and satisfying experience. 

5. Quality CBG Oil is Verified for Purity

If you’re considering the transition to a CBG oil over other hemp varieties, you’ll be glad to hear that our quality-controlled processes involve licensed third-party laboratory testing. Inspected for bacteria, pesticides, and objective CBG purity with every bottle, our verified CBG protects you from impurities, and false CBG labeling, and ensures that your natural health routine is backed with certified authenticity.

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