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You may have heard a lot about CBG, but do you know what it is exactly? CBG is an abbreviation for cannabigerol, which is a non-psychotic cannabinoid that can be found in the hemp plant and is used to make hemp products. Because it is the original cannabinoid that eventually morphs into the more common and potent cannabinoids that most people are more aware of, there is typically only 1% or less CBG found in older plants in the majority of cannabis strains.

Since there is so little to be found, it is usually harvested from several plants, then distilled and concentrated to produce CBG cannabis products.

At Kaw Valley, we offer a wide selection of CBG hemp products for sale to aid you in your everyday life. Whether you are searching for edibles or creams to buy, or you want to purchase something to slip into your vape pen, we have you covered. Here are just a few of the many products we sell in our Kansas store and online:

CBG Isolate – This is greatly refined CBG which is carefully derived from the hemp plant. It is used to create hemp products and it is easily mixed with beverages and sprinkled on foods for quick consumption.

CBG Distillate – CBG distillate is a form of CBG that has been extracted and then refined until it is extraordinarily pure, unlike other cannabis products.

CBG Tonic Spray –  These are delicate sprays that are infused with CBG cannabinoid extracts and applied to the aging facial skin for replenishment and to aching joints for serious pain relief.

CBG Crumble – CBG crumble is one of our potent CBG hemp products that easily blend in drinks due to the chemical bonds it forms with liquid molecules. It can also be eaten or inhaled.

CBG for Pets – And, don’t forget to order something for your pet. Your dog or cat can certainly reap the benefits of CBG hemp products for sale as well. That is why we have created a line of products, formulated in Kansas, just for our furry pals so they can achieve the calm and balanced state that CBG provides.

At Kaw Valley, we have each of these top products for sale and so many more top CBG cannabinoid products for purchase. So, take a look at our web store online and find your next favorite product!