What separates us from the rest of the industry?

We are family owned Kansas company. The future of cannabis in Kansas depends on the support of our communities with an emphasis on buying locally produced products. Our state has created an entirely new industry and is experiencing the growing pains that go with such a massive undertaking. Here at Kaw Valley Cannabis we strive to prove that Kansas can have a thriving cannabis industry in the coming years.

We are also vertically integrated which means that quality control is maintained throughout the entire process. We start our plants from seed and take them all the way to the final product. You know where the plants and products were grown and produced.

In order to be competitive we have to produce the best products that we can imagine – and our Encapsulated CBG is a superior product.

Most products on the market are diluted using MCT oil or other oil-based mixtures, leaving an oily taste and feeling in your mouth. Not only is this an unpleasant experience, but your body then has to break down that oil as it travels through your digestive track in order to absorb the cannabinoids. Through this process a lot of cannabinoids are simply not absorbed, or break down into other compounds.

Our main ingredient is distilled water, no more nasty oil based products! Not only that but almost all of our cannabinoids are rapidly absorbed and left unchanged to have a quick and powerful effect. We aim to produce the cleanest and most effective product possible, and also want to make it affordable for our consumers.

You may have tried some water-soluble “nano” products on the market. These often use emulsifiers like polysorbate 80 to break down and emulsify the cannabinoids and then wrap them in a large oil lipid. While this is much better than just cutting your cannabinoids with MCT or other oils, it does not compare with our encapsulation process. With these odd shaped and large lipids, dosages become inconsistent, and while it may “dissolve” in water it is still not small enough to break the blood brain barrier.

Our encapsulated CBG has a 35 nanometer delivery cell size, often 100x smaller than other “nano” products. The effects are faster, more powerful and cleaner. Not to mention ours is clear and will hold stasis in a liquid indefinitely – it literally bonds to the water molecules creating a stable net of cannabinoids throughout the mixture.

Check out our new Nano Encapsulated CBG.