Kaw Valley Cannabis

Specializing in CBG Products

About Us

First and most important is that we are a local Kansas Company and family-owned.

The future of cannabis in Kansas depends on the support of our communities with an emphasis on buying locally produced products.

Our Process

From seed to shelf. We start our plants from seed in our greenhouse in Spring, and plant into our fields through the months of June and July.

All of our plants are extracted and processed into final products on site in our laboratory.

Our Products

Our nano micelle products give faster and longer lasting relief than our competitors. We also carry several raw CBG products including flower, distillate and isolate.

A Family-Owned Cannabis Company Located in Kansas

Fresh from our hemp farm and extraction facility in Kansas to your door, our CBG shop is on a mission to provide a pure and trusted source for the finest CBG in the world! Our CBG products boast longer-lasting effects, faster absorption, and feature a residue-free, ultra-smooth taste for a CBG experience unlike any other.

Our family-run CBG company proudly manages every step of the quality hemp production process from seed to extraction. At our hemp companies’ cannabis farm, we carefully nurture every hemp flower, harvest our hemp at the peak of CBG potency, and personally prepare every vial of extracted goodness right here at our industrial hemp laboratory in Kansas.

What You Can Expect From Our CBG Company

Welcome to Kaw Valley! We are a family-owned online and retail store based in Kansas that sells CBG products to customers for personal use and resale. We grow our cannabis on our Witchita, KS area hemp farm and process all industrial hemp ourselves so you know that you are always getting the best and purest CBG products available. And, our cannabis delivery is much faster than competing companies online.

What is CBG? It is the unofficial parent cannabinoid of all other cannabinoids, such as THCA, CBDA, and CBCA, which eventually become THC, CBD, and CBC, respectively. While these other parts of the cannabis plant are much more well-known, as well as much more potent, CBG can still be harvested in younger plants before it transforms, and it is used for a variety of useful applications. 

That is why we have chosen to concentrate on the CBG part of the hemp plant. It is the focus of our hemp production business. Our CBG company headquartered near Kansas City infuses the minor cannabinoid into topicals and creams and sells innovative products like CBGA crumble, CBG isolate, and CBG distillate, which can be added to drinks, sprinkled on food, or smoked in a pipe for easy ingestion. 

At Kaw Valley, we are responsible for all our hemp farming, making us so much more than a run-of-the-mill cannabis shop. While we are also a top online cannabis store, by producing our own hemp, we can guarantee you high-quality products, CBG wholesale opportunities, and quick cannabis delivery. Stop by our CBG shop in Kansas, or browse our CBG store online. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our Process - Flowering

CBG Focused Online Cannabis Store

Many hemp companies source their CBG from other suppliers, and simply stamp a label on the unknown contents inside. When you trust in our CBG store, you can rest assured that our CBG shop never compromises when it comes to lab-certified CBG potency backed by years of nutrient-rich hemp farming expertise. Our CBG company takes your trust in our hemp stores seriously and hopes that after giving our cannabis shop’s smooth and effective extraction a try, you’ll have more than a few reasons to switch from CBD to our CBG for good.

Our hemp farm in Kansas hopes to set a new standard for purity and quality by offering a level of CBG consistency you won’t find elsewhere. Our cannabis companies have first-hand experience with the limitless potential that CBG has to offer, and are solely focused on bringing out the best in every plant we nurture. Our focused cannabis store specializes in CBG because we know how powerful it truly is, and know that after experiencing the power of cannabis without THC in your life, you’ll be glad you came to our CBG shop to discover all that our CBG products can do for you.

In our quest for the top solutions to the emerging issues in today’s hemp industry, our Kansas hemp company’s extraction process is founded on promising research and numerous CBG facts that support the efficacy of safe and versatile CBG use. From the roots of hemp farm traditions to the precision level of industrial hemp farming our hemp companies in Wichita, KS proudly offer today, we can’t wait for you to experience all that our CBG store has to offer.

Interesting Cannabis Information:

  • Cannabis has been cultivated for thousands of years 
  • Not all cannabis gets you high
  • Cannabis has over 100 active cannabinoids  
  • Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize cannabis
  • Hemp can be used to make products such as paper & rope

The Future of Hemp-Based CBG is Promising

While you may notice some advantages with a slowly absorbing, dripping-faucet-esk CBD experience from other cannabis companies, our hemp companies’ blood-brain-barrier bypassing CBG extraction opens the floodgates to your cannabinoid receptors. Since our CBG is only 35 nanometers in size, you can expect our hemp farm’s extracted purity to enter your bloodstream and synchronize with your cannabinoid receptors without delay. Whether you drip a few drops of our potent tincture under your tongue, add to your favorite drinks or snacks, or use our cannabis products for pets, you can expect our tincture to work faster and for longer than traditional CBD products.

At our cannabis farm in Kansas, our hemp companies’ careful industrial hemp production practices ensure that the highest potency of CBG is maintained throughout the entire hemp production process. While traditional hemp flowering usually converts the smaller amounts of CBG into well-known cannabinoids, our advanced breeding process produces hemp flowers that contain up to 15% pure CBG. While preparing our potent cannabis without THC, we prioritize nutrient-rich cannabis care, gentle drying, and handling practices, and utilize the latest techniques in our state-of-the-art extraction facility to capture the maximum amount of CBG with every hemp harvest.

After drying and bucking our hemp harvest in Lawrence, we use extremely cold ethanol to separate the pure CBG from the other plant compounds. After a few more steps in the top hemp production process in Lawrence, Kansas, the result is a crystal-clear tincture that’s always smooth, free of earthy tastes, and consistently effective.

Contact Our CBG Company in Kansas City to Learn More

Our dedicated hemp stores are committed to responsive customer assistance and honest information. We’re happy to tell you about our hemp farm, will keep you up to date with the best deals in our cannabis shop, and openly share our trustworthy hemp expertise if you ever have any questions. We truly believe that our industrial hemp production process results in a better and more effective product, and hope that you’ll trust our CBG store whenever you need a reliable, clean, and long-lasting CBG to make the most of your natural health routine.

You can learn more about our KS based company and more by contacting us today!