Kaw Valley Cannabis

Facing the challenges of a new and developing Kansas Cannabis Industry head on.
From seed to shelf.

We start our plants from seed in our greenhouse in Spring, and plant into our fields through the months of June and July.

In our fields we prepare raised beds and lay organic biodegradable plastic with drip tape. Everything is irrigated as needed throughout the season, and nutrients are efficiently supplied directly to the roots through the drip tape.

Most of the growing season is spent mowing between rows, feeding and maintaining the plants.

The plants experience a dramatic increase in growth in the beginning of August as they begin their flowering process. This is a magical time at the farm as buds develop and the field begins to give off a heavenly aroma.

Once buds have reached full maturity the true work begins.

Harvest is extremely labor intensive and runs until first freeze in the Fall.

We cut the entire plant at the base and load them into our industrial drier. Once dried the plants are pulled into our harvest building and bucked. Bucking is the process of removing the plant material from the stalk and stems.

Once bucked, the plant matter is then milled down and stored. This completes the growing and harvesting part of our journey.

Now we begin the really fun and exciting part of our farm’s operations – extraction!

Say goodbye to the field and hello to our world class, state of the art extraction facility. This is where the real magic happens! Here the grand mysteries of nature entwine with the miracles of science.

Our extraction process utilizes cold ethanol extraction at extremely cold temperatures. This ensures the cleanest possible end product as mostly only the cannabinoids are extracted from the plant at these extreme temperatures. We leave behind the waxes and chlorophylls that give products that gross green coloration and plant taste. The plant matter is washed in this cold ethanol to create a cannabinoid rich tincture.

Once we have enough tincture we evaporate and reclaim the ethanol while capturing the cannabinoid rich crude oil. This oil is then subjected to high heat under vacuum creating a mesmerizing chemical chain reaction which renders the oil into a form which the body can readily absorb.

Whew! That was a lot of work! Take a quick breather… only a couple of steps left to go! We can do this!

Next step – distillation.

We use our cutting-edge distillation equipment to strip everything that is not cannabinoids. Once again, we use high heat, except this time we go under deep vacuum. I’m talking really deep – deep space deep. What comes out is 90%+ pure cannabinoids and is just a beautiful clear golden oil.

Ok great, now we have about the purest form of cannabis extract that one can achieve. But how do I get it into my body?

This begins the final, most advanced and unique process that Kaw Valley Cannabis uses – Nano Encapsulation.

Using highly sophisticated ingredients that are propriety, the cannabinoid molecules are encapsulated into an extremely small cell – 35 nanometers in size. This is so tiny that it breaks through the blood brain barrier and get as much of the product into the bloodstream in as short an amount of time as possible. It is revolutionizing the way that people consume cannabis products as the effects are felt within minutes and dosages are extremely accurate. The end product is a great tasting, clear and clean elixir.