Blue Tansey Tonic Spray


Our Blue Tansy Facial Tonic is the perfect light delivery method for our nano CBG. The true solubility and particle size of our micelle technology allows us to create a rapid absorption moisturizer which penetrates the transdermal membrane.

Other companies’ CBD or CBG topicals leave you feeling oily and questioning whether it has absorbed into your skin.

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Kaw Valley Cannabis’s Micelle CBG chemically bonds with the water in the tonic and rapidly absorbs into the skin. Our product is the only one that is crystal clear in solution, and the result is a feeling of serenity as your skin is well hydrated and receives powerful relief from the CBG it contains.

The natural ingredients we have chosen compliment the effects of our CBG, creating a healthy synergy which will leave your skin glowing and healthy.

Blue Tansy essential oil is grown and harvested in the Mediterranean, and produces chamazulene and sabinene.  The chamazulene turns a beautiful deep blue color when it is heated during extraction.  Blue Tansy is also naturally high in camphor which is great for the skin.

Blue Tansy Benefits
Reduces puffiness (inflammation), calms irritated skin
Clears congested pores
Reduces bacteria to help with acne-prone skin
Rich antioxidant
Hydrates & balances skin

Directions for use: Gently mist face and body and rub into the skin. Apply as needed.

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