Jojoba Shea Butter with Rose


Our Jojoba Shea Butter plus Rose Moisturizer is the perfect delivery method for our nano CBG. The true solubility and particle size of our micelle technology allows us to create a rapid absorption moisturizer which penetrates the transdermal membrane.

Other companies’ CBD or CBG topicals leave you feeling oily and questioning whether it has absorbed into your skin.
Kaw Valley Cannabis’s Micelle CBG chemically bonds with the water in the moisturizer and rapidly absorbs into the skin. The result is a feeling of bliss as your skin is well hydrated and receives powerful relief from the CBG it contains.

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The natural ingredients we have chosen compliment the effects of our CBG, creating a healthy synergy which will leave your skin glowing and healthy.
Jojoba oil is:
·      Very Moisturizing
·      Hypoallergenic
·      Control sebum production
·      May help promote collagen synthesis
·      Natural antioxidant
·      Naturally fights wrinkles & fine lines
·      Speeds healing & Regenerates skin
Castor Seed Oil:
·      Prevents wrinkles
·      Contains antioxidant to fight free radicals
·      Reduces puffiness
·      Promotes overall skin health
Aloe Vera Juice:
·      Helps soothe skin
·      Cooling properties
·      Fight inflammation
·      Boosts healing
·      Fight skin-ageing
·      Reduces Infections
·      Lights blemishes

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