Nano CBG


This cutting-edge delivery system makes taking CBG effective and pleasant.

At 35 nanometers cell size, the CBG quickly enters the bloodstream for almost immediate effects.

All of our products are tested by third-party laboratories for potency and safety.

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Nanoencapsulated CBG for Sale

You may be wondering what nanoencapsulation is. It is the quickest and most efficient method of absorbing cannabinoids into your body outside of smoking them. It is a new option and it has become increasingly popular among cannabis users.

If you are interested in giving nanoencapsulated CBG a try, Kaw Valley carries nanomicelle CBG that is fast-acting and potent. You will be so amazed by the power packed by our product that you will switch over from your everyday, run-of-the-mill CBG products. This is a proprietary product, processed onsite at Kaw Valley’s farm in Kansas. Each dose contains a whopping 20 mg of CBG.

The CBG is approximately 35 nanometers long, and can easily bypass the blood-brain barrier to create an immediate and long-lasting effect that comparable products can never emulate. It can form chemical bonds with water and other liquids, remaining stable when added to them. And, since it holds its stasis indefinitely, it makes the perfect addition to coffee, tea, juice, water, or any other healthy drink! Best of all, our products at Kaw Valley are clear and clean, so they won’t cloud your beverage or leave an oily residue inside your mouth. 

Why Purchase Nanomicelle CBG?

Because this nanoencapsulation delivery system is so new and different, it may be hard to understand how much it greatly improves the CBG experience. Nanoencapsulated CBG hits you quickly and efficiently, making it an especially effective and enjoyable method for consuming CBG. 

Our concentrated nanomicelle is particularly concentrated, with 20 mg/g of encapsulated CBG. The product is much better than emulsified nano, yet it still quickly bypasses the blood-brain barrier.

This water-soluble CBG product can also be added to other topicals and creams to enhance or alter them with the minor cannabinoid, or it can be placed in essential oils using a dropper. And, since the nearly clear nanomicelle CBG holds stasis in any liquid, it bonds superbly for use in edibles, such as gummies and baked goods.

Like all our water soluble CBG products for sale online and in our Kansas shop, our nanomicelle CBG has been thoroughly tested by third-party laboratories for both potency and safety. You can buy our nanoencapsulated CBG products for sale online or from our Kansas store today! While you’re there, shop for other water-soluble CBG products to buy, such as CBG isolate!

The Top Advantages of Nanomicelle Water Soluble CBG

One of the most innovative breakthroughs in the world of cannabis products is the introduction of Nanomicelle Water Soluble CBG. This advanced formulation leverages nanotechnology to enhance the absorption and efficacy of CBG in the body. Traditional CBG products often have bioavailability challenges, meaning a significant portion doesn’t get utilized by the body. However, with nanomicelle technology, water-soluble CBG is encapsulated in tiny carriers, improving its solubility and uptake.

Nanomicelle Water Soluble CBG presents a game-changing solution for those seeking faster and more efficient effects. Unlike oil-based formulations, this product seamlessly mixes with water, offering versatility in consumption methods. Furthermore, nanomicelle ensures that a higher percentage of CBG reaches its target, maximizing the potential benefits for users. With Kaw Valley Cannabis, experience the future of CBG delivery and harness the full potential of this remarkable cannabinoid.

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6 reviews for Nano CBG

  1. Allison Loecker

    I have a body disorder that causes alot of pain, and using the CBG has helped massively with pain management! I usually just suffer through the pain because I don’t want to take pills that are bad for my liver all day. The CBG is not only helping the pain, and helping me relax, but it is also not killing my liver! Highly recommend!

  2. Alex Fredricks

    What an amazing compound Cannabigerol (CBG) is. It is the root cannabinoid, stem cell of all the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. As a former advocate of both CBD and THC, I was truly impressed with CBG and how it does work ethically- scientifically noted and proven. I’ll have long days putting my body through a good amount of resistance and overuse with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, administering anatomical bodywork, and working on a farm. So; it is nice to come home to relax; though, it isn’t always easy to just “relax” and get into my self loving practices, so a nice 1mL serving of this will get my body and mind in a calmer setting to give my body what it deserves the most. So grateful for it!

  3. Vagabond Hikes

    Helped immensely to treat aches and pains from hard workouts. I definitely prefer to use something natural rather than popping pills to take care of my pain. I highly recommend you try it, you won’t be sorry.

  4. Nate Caron

    Been taking their CBG for the past week, been dealing with a collar bone injury for a month and this stuff massively helped with the pain management! Highly recommend

  5. Codie Dean

    The CBG has helped me deal with the minor nagging injuries I have had and greatly helped me through my shoulder pain.

  6. Avery German-Martinez

    this stuff alleviates body soreness and pain almost instantly for me. just one drop every morning directly into the mouth (the taste is surprisingly very good). it’ll make you forget theres anything wrong! definitely will continue using this.

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