Nanomicelle CBG


This cutting-edge delivery system makes taking CBG effective and pleasant.

At 35 nanometers cell size, the CBG quickly enters the bloodstream for almost immediate effects.

All of our products are tested by third-party laboratories for potency and safety.

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CBG Products For Sale

Nano Micellation is the newest, fastest and most efficient method of getting cannabinoids into the body in a smokeless manner. It is taking the cannabis world by storm, replacing the old and inefficient methods of consumption.

Take the CBG challenge!

Our Micellation CBG is potent and powerful, and we are confident you will make the switch from your old CBD products to this amazing new cannabinoid.

We grow all of our plants on our farm in Lawrence, Kansas, and process them onsite using proprietary methods to produce this one-of-a-kind product.

At 35 nanometers in size, it passes through the blood brain barrier with ease and is faster, more efficient and has longer lasting effects than other tinctures.

It is also stable in liquids, actually forming a chemical bond with the water or drink in which it is placed. It will hold stasis indefinitely, and has a pleasant taste making it the perfect addition to any drink.

While other products are milky or oily – our product is clear and does not leave a residue in your mouth.

Each dosage contains 20 mg of CBG, for fast and strong effects.

All of our products are tested by third-party laboratories for potency and safety.

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Hemp Products Produced Locally in Kansas 

Every satisfying CBG product from Kaw Valley Cannabis features our ultra-pure hemp extraction professionally produced right here in Kansas. We have a passion for CBG hemp flower care and do our best with each fresh hemp harvest to capture every last molecule of the finest CBG you can purchase. Whether you’ve never tried CBG oil before, or you’re a firm believer in the potent power that CBG products have to offer, our clean CBG is designed to absorb faster, last longer, and is perfectly measured for a reliable dose of CBG anytime.

When you buy CBG online from our vertically integrated facility, you can count on a guaranteed level of consistency every time you order Kaw Valley Cannabis products online. We maintain professional quality control throughout the entire process; we care for every plant from seed to harvest, use an advanced cold ethanol extraction process, and verify every batch of our effective CBG products through third-party lab testing. 

CBG Extracts Infused with Natural Goodness

To capture the maximum amount of potency in our finished cannabis products, our quality hemp production process is the foundation of it all. With traditional hemp cultivation practices, almost all of the CBG is lost during the flowering phase of the growth cycle. Using advanced breeding practices, our CBG plants naturally maintain up to 15% pure CBG throughout the flowering process.

Our Production Process:

  • We first plant the seeds in our greenhouse
  • Then we move the mature plants into the fields to let them grow
  • Then we harvest & buck the plants (remove the plant material from the stalk)
  • Then we use cold ethanol extraction & rolled film distillation (fancy science) to create the purified cannabinoid
  • Lastly, we encapsulate the cannabinoid in 35 nanometer-sized delivery micelles with a distilled water base for rapid absorption into the bloodstream
Once we complete the quality-controlled process, our nano-encapsulated hemp products are proven to provide several advantages over traditional CBD use. Our hemp products feature verified potency and supply CBG that quickly absorbs into the bloodstream, bypassing the blood-brain barrier for reliable CBG effects that are noticeable and longer-lasting.

Always Fresh CBG for Sale

Our hemp products are founded on the beautiful evolution of hemp cultivation. Our proprietary CBG products for sale are always natural; when you buy CBG products at Kaw Valley Cannabis, you can expect clean products that never contain unwanted filler, and always feature pure CBG plant products that are grown and prepared ourselves. Our CBG for sale is always fresh and handled by our family-owned farm. By handling every step of the CBG products process, you can trust that every cannabis delivery you receive is filled with the precise dosage and consistent quality that we promise. When you buy cannabis online through Kaw Valley Cannabis, every vial of extracted purity is backed by scientific safety and reliable CBG facts. We truly want what's best for our customers, and firmly believe that when you buy CBG for sale through our caring company, our CBG products will exceed your highest expectations with trusted quality infused into every batch.

Our Hemp Products Provide a Safe & Balanced Dosage

If you’re looking for CBG products for sale that make it easier to maintain a safe dosage, we simplify balanced CBG supplementation. When you buy CBG online that’s precisely measured, you can safely provide CBG for pets, comfortably try CBG for the first time, and never worry that you’re going to overdo it when you buy CBG products from our team. Since our CBG cannabinoid for sale is equally effective for animals, you can feel confident that you’re making a balanced health decision whether the CBG is for you or a beloved pet. Beyond our love for supplying the best CBG plant and hemp products on the market, we do our best to simplify every step of the cannabis delivery process when you order cannabis online. We know how tough it can be to buy cannabis online from a supplier. You can trust we strive to provide honest information so you can always buy our cannabis and hemp products with lasting confidence.

The Best Deals on CBG Cannabinoid for Sale

When you order cannabis from our company, you can expect fast and reliable cannabis delivery direct to your door. If you ever need help with an order while buying cannabis online, want to learn more about our cannabis products, or want access to the best wholesale CBG products for sale, our dedicated team strives to provide honest, knowledgeable. When you are looking for the right cbg for sale, our friendly guidance and complete confidence in our cannabis delivery service. Since we’re the sole providers of the CBG for sale at Kaw Valley, you can count on our responsive cannabis delivery service whenever you need an urgent resupply. If you’d like to feature our hemp and products in your store, we’re more than happy to accommodate your large-scale hemp products needs. We know that once you, your pet, or your customers give our CBG products & a try, you’ll see why our cannabis products are taking the hemp industry by storm!

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