Family Farms vs Industrial – The Differences In Cannabis Quality
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Family-owned cannabis farms and industrial cannabis farms differ in an array of ways that can impact the quality of the cannabis they produce. This is because family farms are usually smaller-scale operations. They normally cultivate cannabis using more traditional methods, while industrial farms are many larger-scale operations that utilize advanced technology and even automated systems to produce very large quantities of cannabis.


When it comes to differences between family cannabis farms and industrial cannabis farms, one of the biggest differences is the level of care and attention that is given to cannabis plants. This is because family farmers have a closer relationship with the plants that they grow and are even more likely to utilize organic growing methods, which can result in a higher quality of cannabis that is produced. Industrial cannabis farms are many times more focused on maximizing profits and the amount of cannabis that can be produced each day. They use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to keep the production of cannabis going at a faster rate which means the cannabis may not be as high of quality as the cannabis produced on smaller, family farms.


Another difference relates to the variety of the different strains of cannabis that are grown. Family farms usually specialize in growing more unique and rare strains of cannabis and extracting everything possible from the plant. Industrial farms tend to focus more on high-yield strains of cannabis that are very popular in the marketplace.


Most of the time, family farms use more traditional harvesting and curing methods for cannabis. This can result in a much more flavorful and potent final cannabis product, while industrial farms use more mechanical methods that prioritize efficiency over the quality of the cannabis.

Kaw Valley Cannabis: A Family-Owned Farm

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