How CBG Is Changing The Cannabis Laws
  • February 23, 2022
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  • by Chris Black
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Despite the foggy and ever-changing laws surrounding the legality of both natural and synthetic THC products, non-psychoactive cannabis products have eluded many of the strict regulations that limit the sale and usage of many full-spectrum hemp and marijuana products. Fortunately, cannabis products (that contain <.3% THC) were legalized on the federal level in 2018, and in many states, non-psychoactive hemp products are now officially legal. 

Kansas is one of these states, but they also impose some of the strictest regulations regarding how hemp products are derived and prepared. In Kansas, cannabis companies are required to produce CBG/CBD products from industrial hemp, and even trace amounts of THC are still technically classified as “marijuana” according to Kansas legislation. 

Despite these rigid regulations, innovations in cannabis farming techniques have enabled Kansas hemp producers to operate within the law by exclusively producing CBG dominant hemp strains. To learn more about this legal production method, and how consumers can now enjoy THC-free products like CBG without breaking the law, here are some interesting CBG facts to explore. 

Hemp Laws in Kansas Affecting the Industry

  • In 2018, hemp-derived products are no longer classified as “marijuana products” under Kansas state law according to Bill SB 282
  • In 2019, Bill HB 2167 was passed in support of the state-wide industrial hemp program. 
  • Also in 2019, SB 28 was passed to protect parents using hemp-derived products for their children’s medicinal purposes. 
  • Despite Bill SB 282 mentioned above, any products in Kansas containing THC in any form are still illegal. 
  • Due to the increasing interest in safe and effective products like CBG, pressure to change the underlying legislation continues to rise at the state level. Activists and legislators alike are making a conscious effort to reduce or eliminate all cannabis-related restrictions. 

Growing Awareness & Acceptance is Changing the Hemp Scene

Behind the push to eliminate legal restrictions and improve accessibility to consumers, safe hemp-derived products like CBG are among the most important stepping stones in this process. Since non-psychoactive products like CBG are free of negative side effects like anxiety or the altered mental state that comes with psychoactive cannabinoids, hemp-based products are actively breaking down the barriers to society-wide cannabis acceptance.

As more consumers experience the benefits for themselves, the demand for pure products increases. As the safety and usefulness of these products become common knowledge, eventually, restrictions will loosen as the demand begin to outweigh the rationale behind the strict legislation. 

Keep Up With the Latest Hemp News at KVC

As a local Kansas cannabis company, we actively keep up with the latest happenings in the hemp scene. If you’d like to learn more about the legality of our CBG products, you can contact our experienced farmers to learn more about our genuinely pure and 100% legal processes. We prioritize strict quality control from seed to extraction, and back our clean and potent products with third-party laboratory testing for guaranteed CBG quality down to the last drop.

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