Indica vs Sativa – Is There a Difference in Cannabis Strains?
  • January 27, 2023
  • Cannabis
  • by Chris Black
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As legalization continues, more questions about the cannabis plant and its myriad of strains are being asked. There are many different types of cannabis out there, ranging from THC to CBD and CBG, and there is a multitude of strains within each type. Two main types of cannabis are Indica and Sativa. 

What is Cannabis Sativa?

Cannabis sativa is popular for its reported energizing effects. This cannabis strain looks different from other strains in its plant form. The Sativa plant is often sparse in foliage, allowing more airflow between the leaves. This means that these plants are easier to grow and are less likely to get things like a fungus as plants that are very close together might get.

Sativa is often used as a hybrid planting. Since they are so easy to grow, Sativa strains are often mixed with other strains to get the desired effect. Sativa is mostly THC-dominant and contains very trace amounts of non-psychoactive CBD.

What is Cannabis Indica?

This strain of cannabis is a strain that is shorter and stockier in its overall look. It is also a plant that grows very quickly and it tends to produce more buds. Indica often has higher CBD content than a Sativa strain, but not necessarily more THC. Users of Indica claim that they get a very good night’s sleep with this type of strain. 

Are Differences Important?

It might not seem like it, but these differences in the strains are important. The user’s goals and desired effects greatly inform which strain they may prefer. 

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