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  • January 26, 2022
  • Cannabis
  • by Chris Black
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As early as 8000 B.C., hemp has been widely used throughout human history for everything from clothing production and food, to religious ceremonies and fuel. Our ancestors’ early discoveries laid the groundwork for the cultivation and harvest techniques of today, and thanks to advances in modern research, we’re finally beginning to understand the true potential and power of hemp. 

Fast forward to 1964, and the wonderful cannabinoid known as CBG is discovered. While analyzing the chemical constituents of hashish, Yeheil Gaoni and Raphael Mechoulam were the first to isolate CBG and accurately identify its molecular structure. Despite CBG’s discovery in 1964, studies on the potential benefits and physiological effects of CBG have only recently begun and are still in the preliminary phases of research. 

Selective Breeding Paves the Way to CBG Dominant Strains

As hemp and marijuana harvesters perfected their targeted cultivation practices over the years, this set the stage for CBG’s true potential to shine. Since the acidic precursor of CBG (Cannabigerolic-Acid) breaks down into other cannabinoids during hemp’s maturation process and exposure to heat, traditional harvesting processes were only able to produce hemp flowers containing as little as 1% CBG. 

Fortunately, just like the selective cultivation techniques that originated with targeted THC and CBD strains, we now use similar strain-selective breeding techniques to cultivate cannabis in Kansas that contains as much as 15% pure CBG come harvest time. Simply natural, fresh, and ready to extract or utilize in any variety of CBG products. 

The Rise of CBG Farming Practices

As global demand continues to rise for hemp products, so has the interest in alternative hemp strains. By targeting the CBG strain exclusively, farmers are able to address the specific needs of niche hemp consumers; since CBG is non-psychoactive and offers a variety of potential benefits when used exclusively or in tandem with other cannabinoids, more and more hemp enthusiasts are making the switch to CBG. 

Along with the transition towards these exclusive strain cultivations, the evolution of advanced extraction processes has enabled the concentration and refinement of CBG like never before. Unlike other CBG varieties that feature significantly lower potency and poor absorption potential, our ultra-refined, nanomicelle CBG is a vastly more potent alternative that is easier to dose and enables faster absorption due to the tiny nano-sized CBG particulates contained within our product. 

Learn More About CBG 

So, what is CBG and why should you give it a try? We’re certified hemp enthusiasts and are glad to tell you more about the rich history behind CBG. Get in touch with our experienced cultivators to learn more about our farm and our professional production processes. We’ll gladly ship you a fresh supply of residue-free CBG goodness direct to your door.

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