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Cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG) are making their way into a host of wellness-based products, including topicals like body butter, toners, and more. But while these types of products are more common to find online or on store shelves, are they comparable to the many other formulations out there? If you’re looking into products like CBG topicals, let’s take a closer look at their potential benefits and what you might expect to receive when you use them.

CBG May Reduce Inflammation

The biggest potential benefit offered by CBG topicals is managing inflammation. Whereas other CBG products are thought to provide internal system benefits, CBG topicals are applied to specific areas of the body where you feel pain or swelling. The thought is that CBG might access the surrounding areas like muscles and joints to provide the targeted relief that you’re looking for. Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that there are many different types of CBG topicals, with some being designed strictly for use on the body while others can be used on more sensitive areas where you experience pain and inflammation, like on the face.

CBG May Offer a Host of Benefits for the Skin

CBG topicals are often incorporated in lotions and creams that can be applied to the face. But while pain and inflammation are among some of the conditions that CBG is believed to target, are those the only benefits that it offers? CBG might actually offer more for those who are interested in CBG topicals for skincare. CBG is believed to be a stellar source of antioxidants (which can target free radicals in the body and help skin look more youthful), help restore it so that it looks brighter and less dull, and may even act as an antibacterial, which is crucial for those who are struggling with certain conditions like acne. More research needs to be done to better understand how CBG functions and what definitive benefits it provides, but the studies that do exist are promising for individuals who are already incorporating CBG topicals into their skincare regimen.

Products That Contain CBG Alongside Other Natural Ingredients Could Prove to Be Beneficial in More Ways Than One

Some skincare products focus on using one type of ingredient or focusing on only one benefit. CBG topicals (although there are always exceptions) generally incorporate CBG alongside a slew of other botanicals and natural ingredients that are designed to enhance the quality of your skin or target issues like pain. This means that these topicals could offer greater overall benefits than some of the other topicals you currently rely on, especially if you’re someone who likes to use one product for each issue that you face.

You Can Always Customize Your Products

Plain CBG topicals like CBG butters, CBG lotions, and CBG creams give you greater control over your experience. If there are certain essential oils you’re looking to incorporate into the mix or other ingredients that you need in order to feel and look your best, it’s easy to use these foundational formulations and put your own unique twist on them. Most traditional skincare and pain-focused topicals are already formulated for you, not giving you much room to change things up if you want to. However, it’s easy to find CBG goods that are mixed in with a few basic products so you can exercise your creative freedom to design bespoke products that meet your needs.

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