What Is Water Soluble CBG
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Before using any supplement, vitamin, or substance, it’s important to have some background knowledge of what they are and what they can do. The same goes for CBG. At Kaw Valley Cannabis, we are known for producing and delivering nanomicelle CBG. This type of CBG is highly water soluble, making it easy and enjoyable to consume! 

Nanomicelle CBG

CBG is not the same thing as CBD, though they are both present in most cannabis products. Within the cannabis plant, there are typically higher levels of CBD and lower levels of CBG because CBG is a minor cannabinoid. CBG is considered the stem cell of all cannabinoids. It is the chemical derivative of all other cannabinoid products. 

Despite being one of the newer methods of consumption, nanomicelle CBG is a fast and efficient way to ingest cannabinoids. With extremely small particle sizes – no bigger than 35 nanometers – the tincture easily passes through the blood-brain barrier, and users report more significant effects. 

Because it is so small – one nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter – this type of CBG tincture is extremely water-soluble. Our water-soluble CBG forms a table chemical bond with the liquid or beverage it is mixed with, without leaving an oily or filmy residue. 

Does CBG Help?

Many people are skeptical about cannabinoids, but not all of them produce the psychoactive high associated with THC. Cannabis without THC, like CBG, does not create the feeling of being high. Instead, users report other benefits associated with pain reduction, a decrease in inflammation, and reduced nausea. There are ongoing scientific studies about potential links between cannabinoids and the slowing of cancer cell creation. 

Where To Find Nanomicelle CBG

At Kaw Valley Cannabis, quality is our top priority. Our family-owned cannabis farm utilizes the top cannabis farming and CBG extraction practices that result in a potent tincture every time. The processes we use are quality-controlled, from the moment we plant the seeds until your Nanomicelle CBG arrives on your doorstep. 

If you are looking for a great cannabis product that is easy to consume and effective, consider water-soluble CBG from Kaw Valley Cannabis! Contact our team with any questions. We’d love to tell you more! 

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