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  • December 13, 2021
  • Cannabis
  • by Chris Black
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When it comes to fast, powerful, and longer-lasting CBG absorption, there’s no other product on the market that can compete with our 35 nanometers, blood-brain barrier crossing, clean and pure CBG. Every batch of our farm-grown goodness is quality controlled from seed to extraction, and masterfully micellated to provide a CBG experience that naturally lasts longer and absorbs with consistency. 

Thanks to our CBG dominant hemp strains, every carefully managed cultivation ensures that our products begin from a foundation of purity and quality. From our environmentally-friendly farming practices to our third-party lab verification processes, you can trust that every bottle of our premium CBG includes accurate dosages, is free of unwanted fillers or additives, and will provide more of the benefits without any of the negative properties or side effects associated with inferior hemp products. 

Nano Micellation Enhances the Experience

Along with starting with a purer product that is extensively quality controlled, our professional production processes are designed to maximize CBG bioavailability. Other “nano” products use unnatural emulsifiers like polysorbate 60 or polysorbate 80 before wrapping them in larger oil lipids; this results in inconsistent dosages and larger cell sizes that are unable to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Since our 35-nanometer CBG is ~100x smaller than these other “nano” products, you can expect more consistency with every use, stable CBG/H20 bonds within the body, and more of the longer-lasting benefits with every clear and residue-free dose we prepare. 

Absorb More CBG With Every Dose

Another key advantage of the encapsulation process involves CBG molecule protection. With other products that have larger cell sizes or tinctures using MCT oil and other suspension mediums, a majority of the cannabinoids pass directly through the digestive tract or break down prematurely, often resulting in true CBG absorption rates of 20% or less. 

Take advantage of that remaining 80% with our nano-encapsulated cannabis products; since our CBG is shielded with encapsulation, only once the molecules have successfully entered the bloodstream and your cannabinoid receptors do the gradual breakdown begin. In other words, you’ll experience more of the benefits of CBG in less time, with a smaller dosage required to achieve the optimal CBG effects. 

Learn More About Our Commitment to Quality Hemp Care

By nurturing our crops with the ideal nutrients, always practicing earth-safe farming practices, and by working with third-party labs to verify every product, our cannabis companies stand behind every dose we create with one goal in mind; provide our patrons with purity, consistency, and a safe product that supports holistic health goals of every kind. 

We care about our customers just as much as we care about maintaining the healthiest crops in Kansas. We love to talk about hemp, so if you ever want to learn more about our detailed processes, have questions about our products, or simply want to share your experiences with us, feel free to get in touch with our experienced hemp enthusiasts at any time. 

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